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MRBF Resolution on Promise Keepers

On Saturday, October 4, 1997
At First Baptist Church, Polson, MT

Whereas, the Council of 6 compiled a “Position Paper,” which reiterated our historic, Biblical, GARBC position upon the doctrine of separation; and

Whereas, this “Position Paper” was reaffirmed by the voting messengers at our State business meeting on October 5, 1996, at the First Baptist Church in Marion; and

Whereas, the need was acknowledged at this time to identify some groups and/or ministries that would apply; and

Whereas, a resolution was passed on June 24, 1997 at the 66th Annual Conference of the GARBC in Grand Rapids, MI, expressing opposition to the inclusive character of Promise Keepers and urging Biblical discernment among our Regular Baptist Churches;

Be it therefore resolved, that the messengers of the Montana Regular Baptist Fellowship, meeting in Polson, October 3&4, 1997, agree with this resolution, and appreciate this issue being dealt with on a National level as it greatly assists us in addressing our concerns as a State; and

Be it further resolved, that while Promise Keepers has the good end of challenging men to be what God desires them to be, yet its ecumenical means is in clear opposition to our historic, Biblical position as Regular Baptists, and that there are many other such ministries that we as Regular Baptists need to examine in the light of the truth, “the end does not justify the means;” and

Be it further resolved, that as with the National resolution, we determine to do all we can through our fellowship and churches to challenge our men and membership in a Biblical, God honoring way, as we have need.