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Annual Ladies Retreat Checklist of Responsibilities


These responsibilities are listed in relation to how they have been fulfilled in years past.

Communication between the Council of 6 and the host church is essential.

Council of 6 Responsibilities

To act in an advisory capacity insuring this ministry is carried out in keeping with our stated goals and purposes.

The Council of 6 will keep in touch with the host church as plans for the retreat are developed.

Host Church Responsibilities

The pastor’s wife (or point person) should keep in touch with the Council of 6 as plans are developed.

To select the speaker for the Ladies Retreat with the approval of the Council of 6.

Select the date for the retreat based on the availability of the speaker (typically early in September).

To arrange travel for the speaker. Funds might need to be made available from the church prior to the retreat.

Select the theme for the retreat.

Make the necessary arrangements for the services. (spokesperson, song leader, pianist , special music, etc.)

Plan various retreat activities, if any.

Plan and provide the meals.

Mail out the promotional material for the retreat.

Determine the honorarium for the speaker.

Once expenses are paid, to determine what additional funds should be used for (if any).