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Session 2—Israel’s Search for Peace

Published on 01/17/11

By Dr. Manfred E. Kober; delivered during the MRBF Bible Conference October 2, 2009

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Security: Covenant with Antichrist
  1. Regathering in the Land
  2. Restoration in Unbelief
  3. Reliance on Rome

Spoliation: Conquest by Russia
  1. Attack by Russia
  2. Abomination of Desolation
  3. Aggression at Armageddon

Seclusion: Confinement in the Mountains
  1. Persecution by Satan
  2. Provisions from God
  3. Protection in a Refuge

Salvation: Conversion of the Remnant
  1. Missionaries of the Tribulation
  2. Message of the Proclamation
  3. Martyrs for the Truth

Sovereign: Coming of the King
  1. Return of the Sovereign
  2. Resurrection of the Saints
  3. Reckoning of the Sinners

Sacrifices: Continuation of Priesthood
  1. Construction of the Temple
  2. Commencement of Sacrifices
  3. Celebration of Feasts

Supremacy: Center of the World
  1. Elevation of Jerusalem
  2. Expansion of the Borders
  3. Establishment of the Throne

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